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If you are looking to be happier, heal painful emotions, or make positive changes in your life, then Counselling may be for you. As your counsellor, Noga will:

  • Listen to You
  • Strive to Understand You
  • Assess Your Problems
  • Create a Warm, Change-Promoting Environment
  • Support and Encourage You
  • Believe In You
  • Provide You With Guidance and Tools
  • Help You to Develop Skills
  • Help You To Reconnect To Your Happiness
  • Highlight the Progress That You Make

With a warm, honest and energetic style, Noga uses EMDR, Brief Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques and other effective approaches to help you:

  • Feel Happier With Your Self and Your Life
  • Increase Self Confidence and Esteem
  • Overcome Depression
  • Deal With Anxiety and Fears
  • Change Unhealthy Behaviors
  • Improve Your Self Care
  • Enjoy Your Life
  • Heal Traumatic Experiences and Painful Emotions
  • Eliminate Negative Thinking and Limiting Self-Beliefs
  • Resolve Personal, Social and Work Problems
  • Reduce Stress and Increase Coping Skills

How would you like to be in your life? How do you want your life to be? You are welcome to contact Noga to discuss this, ask questions or request more information.


If you are looking to live a happier life style, reach a desired goal or follow your joy, then Life Coaching may be for you.

In the same way that athletes and business executives hire coaches to help them succeed in sports and business, many people work with Life Coaches to help them succeed in their lives.

As your Life Coach and "partner-in-change", Noga will:

  • Listen to You
  • Assist You to Get Clarity
  • Create Structure With You
  • Help You to Develop Effective Skills
  • Hold You Accountable
  • Challenge You
  • Encourage and Motivate You
  • Help Keep You Moving Forward
  • Bring Out the Best in You

In-person and phone sessions are available with Life Coaching.


For information on customized Lunch 'n' Learns, workshops, and seminars, please contact Noga.